NEW on in March:

Pheidole annexus
Pheidole aristotelis
Pheidole cariniceps
Pheidole gombakensis
Pheidole lucioccipitalis
Pheidole plagiaria
Pheidole poringensis
Pheidole quadrensis
Pheidole quadricuspis
Pheidole rabo
Pheidole retivertex
Pheidole sabahna
Pheidole sarawakana
Pheidole spinicornis
Pheidole tjibodana

At the end of each overview page you will find a direct link to the Hymenoptera name server on that will provide you with additional information about the current systematic status of each species (including pdf download of orginal descriptions and other systematic literature).

We thank Donat Agosti from the American Museum of Natural History for his kind permission to open these links within our frames.