Connecting Ant Researchers

In an attempt to improve communication between ant researchers, will provide net space for those ant researchers that want to present their work on an own homepage in English language. At the same time we will build up a database on ant researchers, mainly on those who work in Asia. This will include ANeT members, as well as other interested ant researchers.

This database will be searchable for keywords, names and addresses. It will also be an effort to provide better access to Asian ant literature, especially to those publications that are not yet included into free accessible international literature databases.

For every researcher will present an own personal homepage with a permanent web address. Of course these homepages are standardized and not very individual; however, those who want may send us an additional html file that can be linked to the form. There is also the possibility to include your CV in a PDF file linked to the page. All papers that are included into your publication list will be forwarded to the Formis database. In order to provide proper information we will (try to) continually update the websites.

We invite all ANeT members and other ant researchers to include their data in our database. In order to get a complete inventory, we ask for your cooperation, even if you already have an English homepage in the internet. We will provide links to your personal homepage, so everybody that will find your name in the database will be redirected to your website.

If you are interested in our free offer, please !