Myrmecological Career


As an Amateur entomologist I focus my studies on taxonomic contents and to build up a reference ant collection.

The high amount of excursions (more than 40) contributed to the enrichment of my experience in studying ants in the field. Already at the age of 18 years, I did a one month trip to the mediterranean region. Since then, I've been around 20 times in almost all countries of southern Europe and North Africa. I studied extensively the ant fauna of Turkey where I spent 8 of my excursions alone.

Furthermore I have been studying ants in Amazon basins of Brazil in 2001 and 2003. In addition to this, I did 15 collection trips to the countries of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. As a result of this field tips, I can present one of the largest ant collections of the Western Palaearctic region. I just started to enlarge my collection of South East Asian ants.

I'm experienced in field methods like “Winkler Shifting”, “Canopy Fogging”, “Bait Experiments”, and all sorts of “Hand Collecting” of ants.


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