NEW on in February 2010:

The Team has been to the British Natural History Museum in London!

We were one of the teams of lucky researchers that had been granted access to the collections at the Natural History Museum in London through the SYNTHESYS Project. So we spent 5 days of hard work at the Museum and we managed to get pictures of 66 specimens from 65 species. Obviously we tried to get some really exciting species from some rare genera out of "Barry Bolton´s collection". In order to keep a steady flow of output we will present several subsets of this work, so be prepared to see pictures of some most interesting species over the next few weeks.

Of course we are happy being able to present the following statement as well:

"This research received support from the SYNTHESYS Project which is financed by European Community Research Infrastructure Action under the FP7 Integrating Activities Programme."

Acanthomyrmex careoscrobis
Acanthomyrmex mindanao
Acropyga dubia
Aropyga hystrix
Anillomyrma tridens
Anochetus incultus
Anochetus myops
Anohetus princeps
Anochetus tua
Aphaenogaster feae
Bregmatomyrma carnosa
Camponotus irritabilis
Camponotus irritans pallidus
Camponotus singularis
Camponotus tenuipes
Camponotus variegatus
Cardiocondyla nana
Cardiocondyla nuda
Cardiocondyla sp LATI
Cardiocondyla sp MISE