In Memory of Rudy J. Kohout

With great sadness we let you know that Rudy Kohout passed away on 26th May 2016. To remember him and honour his outstanding work as ant taxonomist, we created this special page.


Taxonomic contributions

Rudy J. Kohout was an outstanding ant taxonomist who described more than 250 species of Polyrhachis. For a complete list of species described by Rudy J. Kohout, you may want to have a look at Antcat.

Here we present just a very small selection of Polyrhachis species described by Rudy J. Kohout available at

In order to honour Rudy J. Kohout, Benjamin D. Hoffmann from CSIRO named a new described Polyrhachis species from from Arnhem Land in Australia's Northern Territory after him: Polyrhachis kohouti Hoffmann 2015.

This species description was published in the Australian Entomologist in 2015. Many thanks to Benjamin D. Hoffmann for his kind permission to use his pictures for this special page.

 Polyrhachis kohouti

Polyrhachis kohouti Hoffmann 2015

Publications of Rudy Kohout in Asian Myrmecology

Rudy J. Kohout was also very engaged to the development of Asian Myrmecology. In order to push the ANeT journal, he published many of his high quality taxonomic papers in it. The whole editorial team is grateful for his contributions and support to Asian Myrmecology.

For a complete list of his astonishing work on the taxonomy and ecology of Polyrhachis, please have a look at his publication list compiled by the team of Antwiki.

Here we present a list of his papers published in Asian Myrmecology.

Kohout RJ, 2007. Polyrhachis (Myrmhopla) maryatiae, a new species of the armata group from Borneo (Hymenoptera: Formicidae, Formicinae) 1:1-6

Kohout RJ, 2007. A review of the subgenus Polyrhachis (Campomyrma) Wheeler from Borneo with descriptions of new species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Formicinae) Asian Myrmecology 1: 7-17;

Robson, SKA and Kohout RJ, 2007. A review of the nesting habits and socioecology of the ant genus Polyrhachis Fr. Smith Asian Myrmecology 1: 81-99

Kohout RJ, 2008. A new species of the Polyrhachis (Myrmhopla) flavoflagellata-group (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Formicinae) from Borneo Asian Myrmecology 2: 11-16

Kohout RJ and Mohamed, M, 2008. A preliminary list of the Polyrhachis ants of the Maliau Basin Conservation Area in Sabah, Borneo (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Formicinae) 2: 63-70

Robson, SKA and Kohout RJ, 2008. Nest construction in the arboreal ant Polyrhachis tubifex Karavaiev, 1926. Asian Myrmecology 2:121-123

Pfeiffer M, Mezger D, Hosoishi S, Yahya BE and Kohout RJ, 2011. The Formicidae of Borneo (Insecta: Hymenoptera): a preliminary species list. Asian Myrmecology 4: 9-58

Kohout RJ .A review of the Polyrhachis xiphias species-group of the subgenus Campomyrma Wheeler (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Formicinae). Asian Myrmecology 5: 21-27

Kohout RJ, 2014. A review of the subgenus Polyrhachis (Polyrhachis) Fr. Smith (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Formicinae) with keys and description of a new species. Asian Myrmecology 6: 1-33

Rudy, we miss you! Farewell!