Request for tree living Temnothorax nest samples from Balkan, East Europe, Turkey and Near East

Dear Myrmecologist colleagues,

Recently we have started up a new long term collaboration with the initiation of Andreas Schulz & Sandor Csosz in order to revise the taxonomy of the genus Temnothorax step by step.

As an ongoing part of this project we prepare a revision of "tree living Temnothorax" species, as well as "T. parvulus-lichtensteini complex" from the above mentioned area, with extensive morphometric approaching. From next year on we extend our taxonomic studies in other species complexes, and prospective to other palaearctic regions, involving molecular techniques as well.
We believe that our work provides a lot of valuable knowledge for the myrmecology, however we know that with the contribution of myrmecologists from different countries we can obtain better results and well-founded taxonomic decisions.
Hence we kindly appreciate to any offer from colleagues to send Temnothorax nest samples of all species(-groups) from Balkan, East Europe, Turkey and Near East.
Material stored in EtOH is the most welcome, but mounted samples can also be very valuable for our work. Due to the multidisciplinary approaching, the EtOH preserved nest samples should include 10+ workers and if possible queens and males.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards,


Paracelsusstr. 14
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Curator of Hymenoptera Department of Zoology Hungarian Natural History Museum
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